Media on Secrecy

History Lab’s “Event Detection” tool featured in Buzzfeed

Connelly talks about hacking the archive

What Hillary Clinton’s emails really reveal in the New York Times

Buzzfeed presents America’s most redacted men using History Lab tools

Connelly’s work on classification featured as cover story in Columbia Magazine

The New Yorker discusses the Declassification Engine

Wired reviews the Declassification Engine

The story of the Declassification Engine on NPR’s On the Media

Article on planning for nuclear war makes cover of The American Historical Review

The Declassification Engine examined in Poynter

Readwrite explains how the Declassification Engine works 


Media on Insurgency

Connelly interviewed for Special Issue of Le Monde

Algerian lessons for the Syrian resistance

Connelly speaks at French Senate on 50th Anniversary of Algerian War

Hertog Global Strategy Initiative brings leading experts and policymakers on religious violence to New York City

Interview on Radio France International on the need for both France and Algeria
to Confront their Past

A Diplomatic Revolution Ten Years Later

Connelly speaks in Algiers on how Algeria Liberated France

Radio France features week of debates and interviews on the Algerian war

Connelly interviewed on France 24 about L’Arme secrete du FLN


Media on Population Control

Connelly hosts 3-part BBC Radio documentary “Controlling People,” on history and future of population control

Foreign Policy Magazine on UN’s What-If Population Scenarios

Washington Post on How World Population Grows, and Grows Old

BBC News on History of Population Control

Science reports on “youth bulge” debate

Connelly on PRI’s The Takeaway with John Hockenberry

Connelly debates UN priorities with UNFPA director